Thursday, July 18, 2013

Use Parasitic Wasps to Control Tomato Hornworm and Fruit Worms!!!

In this episode, I show you how to use a beneficial insect called a "parasitic wasp" (scientific name "Trichogramma") to kill grubs and other moth-like larvae in your yard. Parasitic wasps are actually in the wasp family, but they are so small you likely will not see them, and they don't sting. They mostly hang out down at grown level and on your trees planting their babies in moth and other nuisance insect eggs.

The parasitic wasp helps your garden by laying its own eggs inside the eggs of other harmful insects to your garden. When the wasp eggs hatch, the larvae eats the larvae of the eggs they are in, killing any future for adulthood of that harmful grub, worm, or insect. My hope was to use these to kill the worms that were growing in my apricots and other fruit. And if I'm lucky, maybe it will finally solve some of my ant problem in my yard!

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